Kickstarter : Child of the Pyre

Finally ! The kickstarter is coming.

We are waiting for you on Kickstarter, starting June 27th, 12 AM !

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Inner Seas - 26 Juin 2018
WV2 - announced

Inner Seas is pleased to announce the developpement of Winter Voices 2, starting March 2017.

The game will be directed by Clara Lehénaff (Sea Author on the forums), who also directed the first season.

A kickstarter campaign will begin on early 2018, once the core engine is ready.

Until then, stay tuned for updates !

Any question ? You can contact us on the Steam Forums.

Inner Seas - 27 Feb 2017
Season 2 Website

Welcome to the Winter Voices 2 new website !

We will update you on the Steam forum on the project, starting from March 2017 to the release.

Inner Seas - 27 Feb 2017